The Interrogation

Wang Tuo 王拓,The Interrogation《審問》,2017,HD single channel video 高清單頻錄像,18'35"

Wang Tuo | Week 7 (21.8 – 25.8.2018) In the final week of "Play and Loop", Blindspot Gallery will present two video works by Wang Tuo, The Interrogation (2017) and Roleplay (2016). On the last day of the screening, we will celebrate the closing of the screening programme with an artist talk with Wang Tuo, led by curator Leo Li Chen, to discuss Wang’s artistic practice which employs diverse mediums and cultural references. The talk will be conducted in Mandarin. The Interrogation is a video constructed entirely from still film photography and photomontage along with a voiceover. The work intricately intertwines two narratives. One comes from a local officer from the Commission for Discipline Inspection, who talks about the psychological tricks he used in his own job interview and subsequent interviews as he interrogates suspects in his field of work. The other narrative is a short story adapted from Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona (1966), wherein an actress who lapses into silence convalesces with the help of a nurse. The two women find themselves experiencing a reversal of circumstances, as one starts to speak again and the other stops. The two narratives expose the hidden structure in our seemingly mundane communications, a dialectical movement capable of inversions and convergences. By generating performance within an improvisational scenario, Roleplay discusses how artificial concepts, such as "middle class" and "perfect marriage", are created and defined by collective unconsciousness. The film is weaved together by the same actors performing different roles in two different scenes. First, the two actors are requested to improvise a couple's therapy session of a "perfect" middle-class couple. Then, the two actors are asked to reenact the roles Frank and Cora in the classic American noir film The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981). The intersection of these authentic and fictional narratives questions the performative identity in the heteronormative reality of society and mass culture. About Wang Tuo (b. 1984) Wang Tuo graduated with a BS in Biology from Northeast Normal University, Changchun in 2007. He later completed a MA in Painting from Tsinghua University in 2012 and earned a MFA in Painting from the School of Visual Art in Boston University in 2014. Wang has shown in the Queens Museum 2015 Studio Programme in New York and has shown at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, Gezira Art Center in Cairo, IMA Film Society in India, Vox Populi in Philadelphia, and NARS Foundation in New York. Wang currently lives and works in New York.

"Play & Loop" Final Week | Wang Tuo Artist Talk with Curator Leo Li Chen 25.8.2018 (Saturday), 3-4pm at Blindspot Gallery


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