"Play and Loop" — a 7-week screening programme 10.7 - 25.8.2018 Cheng Ran|Hao Jingban|Jiang Zhi|Li Ming|Lin Ke|Shen Xin|Tao Hui|Wang Tuo Li Ming | Week 4 (31.7 – 4.8.2018) In Week 4 of "Play and Loop", Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present two video works A Succeeded Failure (2015) and Nothing happened today No.2 (2012) by Li Ming. These video works record the artist’s performative actions that seem absurd and ridiculous, humorous and contradictory. They are movements that travel and meander through landscapes and cityscapes, demonstrating equally the agency of the artist, the constraint of bodily intervention against space, and the effects of accidental occurrences. Success and failure, something happening and nothing happening, these binary signifiers go beyond the surface dialectic of negation.

A Succeeded Failure comes from discarded footage of a failed act. The original plan was to have the artist squatting in a supermarket shopping cart while holding on to the moving car in front. The aim was to record the action and the continuously changing view by a camera moving in parallel to the artist in motion. However, at 1 min 03 sec, the artist fell from the shopping cart and was hurt, thus forced to abandon the plan altogether. In hindsight, the unforeseeable failure gave this action a dramatic ending.

Nothing happened today No.2 is a four-part video that records the visual or auditory broadcast of the titular phrase via different kinds of moving transportation vehicles, like blimp, speedboat, truck and bicycle. Li came up with the slogan "Nothing Happened Today" as a fuse that triggers the two-thronged meaning of the work. The over-the-top announcement of nothing happening nullifies the meaning of the sentence and points insidiously to something in fact happening. About Li Ming (b. 1986) Li Ming graduated from the New Media Arts Department of the China Academy of Art in 2008. Li’s major solo shows include "MEIWE" (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China, 2015) and "Meditation" (Antenna Space, Shanghai, China, 2014). He has also participated in group exhibitions in many institutions, including Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York, and the Rubell Family Collection. In 2017, Li won the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART AWARD: Award for Emerging Asian Artists. He is a member of the artist group, Double Fly Art Center. Li Currently lives and works in Hangzhou.

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