A self taught artist born in Hamburg currently explores the Southwest of Germany where he finds inspiration in nature and the smallest forms of species. The artist has recently developed a project about democracy, scrabble and wordlists called, “The Democracy Scrabble Project”, it has its premiere on the VisualContainer TV and (.BOX) Video Project Room in Milan, 2018. At present, the artist is working on a new project in which we will be seeing in the coming Summer Issue, but first, let us get inspired and get to know more about our Artist of the Month.What We Didn’t KnowFrom being a psychologist, turned media science specialist, turned film professor at a university are just some things we have discovered about our artist of the month this June.Joas-Sebastian Nebe, a returning artist for our coming Summer Issue, is pure genius in so many different ways. Not only does he have a creative mind, but also very intellectual.Joas SpeaksWe asked the artist to talk more about his latest project that of course, we are always excited not only to how the work looks like, but also to know the “where”, “how”, and “why” it has been created.“Since quite a while I am working on the issue of smallest creature, e.g. insects, butterflies, birds. I have had other issues before, too. One big one was the visual impact that a metropole has on its citizens and visitors. My video work always depends on where I am living. I have been living in the most part of my life in big cities like Hamburg or Berlin. Five years ago, I moved to a small town in Southwest Germany close to the French and Swiss border. Since i am living-so to speak -at the countryside and my interest has shifted to nature and here especially to the smallest creatures, insects and birds. Later it turned out (to be exact: this year) that insects and birds are facing among other species the greatest extinction since the death of dinosaurs hundred thousands of years ago. I read in a newspaper article the unbelievable number of 1500 species of birds only!That was more than enough reason to continue with my issue. There was another drive to readopt the issue of birds on which I had worked before. During the time I was living in Berlin, I used to be awfully fascinated by the different species and the mass of birds that came year after year to Berlin in order to stay the summer between the endless streets surrounded by endless multi storey buildings. Why do birds come to at least for them to such a hostile place like this...?” The Artist's Works As we dig in deeper to what the artist has created, seeing the final product will always give us a better understanding of what goes on behind each artwork of an artist. We may understand fully, we may also grow more curious, but in the end, curiosity and satisfaction is always a factor of inspiration--an inspiration to create.


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