Mexican painter, Xavier Yarto does his abstract work in a very unique way by using particular colors giving it a different kind strength and impact.

What to look forward to

Aside from being featured in the coming Summer Issue, Xavier is currently part of a group of artists doing a tribute to Frida Khalo for the first time in Mexico.

Who is the Inspiration?

Like any other artist, or simply any other human being in the world, we all need an inspiration to create, but coming from a family of artists, I guess that widens the list of inspiring people for our featured artist.

Yarto, since childhood has already been surrounded by a bunch of artistic geniuses--singers, poets, musicians, painters, and architects, but was, however, particularly inspired by his aunt, Reyna Zapata who has a great career.

It Isn’t Over Till It’s Over

An artist’s job doesn’t stop once their masterpiece is done, instead, it keeps growing and keeps expanding to bigger goals.

We asked Xavier, if there was one thing he would like to change in the art scene, and what that would be. He responds with, “Government support”.

One of the most important things for an artist to keep creating is support. When the masterpiece is done, that only means the beginning as the continuing process of showing an artist’s work to the world is with support which involves great belief and trust in the artist.

Stay tuned for a feature of getting to know more interesting things about the artist in our Issue 8: Summer Edition coming this August!


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