Escolta Block Party

Cheers to the future!

The Escolta Block Party has been growing since 2016. Last year’s edition saw the biggest Block Party ever, with over 3000 attendees, occupying two blocks along Escolta and the intersecting street. As more people take interest in Escolta, the organizing committee felt it natural to transition to a festival format that will spread out the different interests of the festival goers — from cultural work and heritage conservation, to urban planning. Thus, the transition from a one-day Block Party to a month-long Escolta Block Festival.

The Escolta Block Festival starts on November 9. It will be a celebration of arts, culture, crafts, and design, taking place in Escolta and its surrounding districts for the entire month of November. It will be a platform to celebrate Manila’s rich and vibrant history and creative communities while providing visitors the opportunity to discover, discuss, and develop a deeper understanding for arts, design, and community-building.

To learn more about the festival, here is the link to the press kit, which comes with the festival zine — a guide to what to expect at the festival — as well as a primer on Escolta Exchange, the festival’s incubator space located at the Panpisco building. Photos are also included.

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