Updated: Jul 15, 2019

A Contemporary Dance Theatre Inspired by the Legendary Bruce Lee

An Exhilarating Show for Families with Kungfu and Dance!

[Hong Kong, 5 July 2019] Following the soul touching journey of The Little Prince delivered by the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) in 2017 which enthralled all ages, the Assistant Artistic Director of CCDC Dominic WONG draws inspiration from the philosophies lived by the legendary hero Bruce Lee and presents The Odyssey of Little Dragon in collaboration with a collective of artists, from co-choreography by CCDC Rehearsal Master Bruce WONG and Dancer Peggy LAM, dramaturgy by Patrick LEE, set and costume design by YEUNG Chin, lighting design by Lawmanray, video design by LO Wing to sound design by HA Yan-pui, as well as a first-time team-up with the leading local fusion band SIU2. Performed by all dancers of CCDC and over a dozen of children dancers from the CCDC Dance Centre, this contemporary dance theatre for families will engage the audiences with fun and wisdom, and inspire the collective memory of Chinese that goes across generations through the stage of the legendary hero!

The Odyssey of Little Dragon will be staged at the Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall for four performances from 16 to 18 August 2019.

The name "Bruce Lee" is known in virtually every household in the world. The way he effortlessly "pursued martial arts through philosophy, and weaved his philosophy with martial arts" has become his ideology of Kungfu which is not only highly respected in the Chinese community, but also set off a Kungfu craze that swept the Western world. His martial arts icon does not only promote the Chinese martial arts overseas by being the first Chinese actor who got a break in Hollywood. Subsequently, the influence of "Bruce Lee culture" has not been displaced along the tides of times, but further boosted the Chinese martial arts to flourish over the world while reached the prime of his life. "The heroic character of Bruce Lee is not only a martial artist in the eyes of the world, but was also roundly praised as an iconic pioneer in pop culture at that time." The unique style of Bruce Lee has inspired Dominic to choreograph the dance theatre The Odyssey of Little Dragon. Besides

the Nunchaku workshop for the dancers, Dominic has arranged them to take martial arts basic training as well with Bruce WONG, the CCDC Rehearsal Master who has been practicing Kungfu. "If you let the dancers learn some classic tricks only, they can do it with minimum effort. But I hope that they can start from the most basic level, so that they can naturally blend their martial arts fundamental skills, just like their solid dance groundwork, into the work."

Bruce Lee is a martial arts master, a Kungfu philosopher and an artist of life. Apart from appreciating the essence of martial arts lived by Bruce Lee - "flowing like water, adapting to the new environment and learning from it", Dominic also praises his pursuit and struggle for self-worth. The essence of martial arts also becomes the guiding principle for us. "Through the dance theatre The Odyssey of Little Dragon, I hope to evoke wonder in children’s mind. They will find out ‘self-transcendence’ is not only for adults. Children can also work hard for their goals and strive towards self-realization."

Bruce Lee has gone beyond the limit of place, time, and race, so as the team of The Odyssey of Little Dragon to explore across boundaries. This time has marked the first collaboration with the fusion band SIU2, which is known for combining Chinese and Western music styles. In addition to composing music for the dance theatre, Yin NG, the composer and founder of SIU2, will bring live performance to the stage, which is set to impress the audience with the cultural fusion where contemporary dance meets yet blends with martial arts. What’s more, we will showcase the wonderful combination of theatre and contemporary dance presented by the dramaturgy by Patrick LEE, and, once again, cooperation with YEUNG Chin, the emerging fashion designer, with brand new set and costume design that ignites new spark on stage. Backed by the amazing creative team, we present the all-time hero "Bruce Lee’s essence" through dance. Get a kick out of both Kungfu and dance with The Odyssey of Little Dragon this summer!

The Odyssey of Little Dragon

Date and Time: 16*-17. 8. 2019 [Fri ~ Sat] 7:30pm

17-18^. 8. 2019 [Sat ~ Sun] 2:30pm

Venue: Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall

Price: $280 | $220 | $160

*With meet-the-artist after performance ^ This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese)


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